Round 1

Security Audit Partner: Verazt Security

The Final Audits of DBOE (Decentralized Board Options Exchange) by Verazt consisted of an assessment of the smart contract source code for potential security vulnerabilities and coding style optimizations. The audit was conducted from June 27, 2023, to July 27, 2023, and the final report was prepared on August 10, 2023. The source code of the DBOE project included 18 Solidity files, developed using Solidity ^0.8.11 to implement a decentralized platform for options exchange.

The audit identified a total of 15 security findings and 3 findings related to coding style and optimization.

The audit also provided suggestions for remediation for each security finding, and the DBOE team acknowledged and addressed the findings based on their severity. The report also highlighted opportunities for coding style optimization, such as using constant values and optimizing function visibility.

Please find the full report of DBOE's smart contract security assessment in the attached file below.

Latest report: Smart contract security assessment as of August 15th, 2023

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