Token Features

A fixed supply of 250,000,000 tokens were issued on Binance Smart Chain. Once the platform is fully operational, the tokens will have the following features:

I) Membership Benefits

Token holders benefit from trading fee discounts and concessions on exchange in proportion to their token holding. There are four member categories for significant token holders:

  • Core Member (holding > 1M DBOE)

  • Gold Member (holding > 500K DBOE)

  • Member (holding > 100K DBOE)

  • Associate Member (holding > 10K DBOE)

II) Governance Voting

All token holders are eligible to vote on key decision-making alongside DBOE Board.

III) Stake to Earn

Token holders may elect to stake their tokens to perform the settlement price validation upon option expiry (weekly) in return for payment in USD Stablecoins.

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