Exclusive Whitelist Airdrop

Exciting News: DBOE Official Go-Live on July 28, 2023!

DeFi Board Options Exchange (DBOE) is officially go-live on July 28, 2023, marking a significant milestone for our platform.

With a strong focus on creating a secure and capital-efficient platform for decentralised option trading, DBOE is at the forefront of the Options DEX initiative. By addressing the complex over-collateralisation issue prevalent in DeFi, DBOE aims to drive wider adoption of DeFi in everyday financial activities.

We are immensely grateful for your incredible support, and to celebrate, we have a special event exclusively for whitelisted users. During the event, participants can earn special prizes and rewards based on their live trading performance within the initial 15 days of the launch, including 500 USDT; 5,000 DBOE; and a host of other captivating prizes.

Read the whole information about the whitelist event HERE.

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