Guide for Mobile App

Welcome to DBOE - the Future of DeFi Options. If you're new here, let's begin using the DBOE app with just four simple steps:

Step 1: Access the DBOE (DeFi Board Options Exchange​) exchange

You can access the DBOE exchange on the DBOE app (For Android and IOS) or

Step 2: Connect DeFi wallet to the exchange

Select “connect wallet” and follow the instructions.

To trade at DBOE (DeFi Board Options Exchange), you connect the exchange with your e-wallets. In which, Metamask wallet is chosen by many users to use.

Refer to the instructions for creating a Metamask wallet here.

Step 3: Instructions for placing trading orders at DBOE (DeFi Board Options Exchange​)

1 - Select the expiration date and check the price ranges that interest you in Options Chain.

2 - View the current price and trading volume of that price range in the Order Book.

You can use the Black-Scholes formula to get the suggested option price by going to the “Online DBOE Pricer” section.

See more detailed instructions on how to use the Black-Scholes formula here.

3 - Place an order: Select the position you want to place with the same price and trading volume.

4 - Check PnL expected on due date in Order Preview.

5 - Submit an order by pressing the Approve button under Order Preview and following the instructions.

6 - Check transaction history in Open Orders, Trades, and Positions.

Watch detailed video instructions at

If you're new to options, visit the DBOE Academy for a complete guide to DeFi and options. Start learning here.

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