🧊DBOE Point Rewards Program

Based on the community's feedback and expectations, we are officially launching the DBOE Point Rewards Program starting June 1st, 2024! This program is designed to offer even more exciting and engaging ways for you to earn rewards.

I. What is DBOE Point?

DBOE Points are an exclusive rewards program by DBOE to reward users for their contribution and participation in DBOE activities. These points will later be exchanged for other exciting rewards.

Presently, it operates on the Polygon chain. Users can acquire DBOE Points by participating in DBOE’s community events.

II. How are DBOE points utilised?

DBOE Points can be exchanged for DBOE Tokens or redeemed for various gifts and vouchers offered by DBOE. Accumulating a substantial amount of DBOE Points provides users with enhanced opportunities and incentives for participation in the events and activities. Certain exclusive DBOE events and prize activities are accessible solely to users who possess a specified quantity of DBOE Points.

III. Where can I earn DBOE Points?

To accumulate DBOE Points, consider engaging in the following activities and programs:

3.1. Swapping Liquidity Tokens:

Swapping liquidity tokens on DBOE enables you to earn DBOE Points directly to your wallet, based on predetermined rates and time.

For more information, visit https://dmm.dboe.exchange/

3.2. New Registration:

New users who register and engage in trading activities on DBOE for the first time, complete the short quizzes, or refer friends to join can also earn from a pool of 1,000,000,000 D-Point.

Install the app at https://download.dboe.exchange/ and verify your email to earn 150 D-Point.

Learn more at https://dboe.exchange/invite

3.3. Participating in other special reward events:

Stay updated on DBOE’s official channels for details on additional events and opportunities to earn DBOE Points.

IV. DBOE Point Details

Note: DBOE reserves the right to deploy DBOE Points on additional chains in the future as we expand our products and services.

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